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WD9600-2 Wireless Delegate Unit Descriptions



Mode of Installation:

 Desktop (Wireless)


1.     Speak / Request Button

2.     Voice Monitoring

3.     Voice Activation

4.     Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

5.     Individual Threshold LevelSetup

6.     Pre-set Threshold Level

WD9600-2 Wireless Delegate Unit Descriptions

Wireless delegate units can be placed on thedesk without cable. These mobile devices are not limited by any environmentallimitation. Built-in speaker, rechargeable battery & gooseneck microphonewith indicator and LED, etc can display requests & speaking. The units canbe charged or supplied externally. Each unit isprepared a headphone/recording interface that facilitates listening/synchronous recording in order to record the meeting.

Product Features

1.         Speak button

2.         Built-in Speaker, muteautomatically when participant is speaking

3.         Headphone / recording interface

4.         1 speak LED indicator

5.         1 request LED indicator

6.         Voice activation (soundcontrol), can be set

7.         Closed automatically afterspeaking, time limit can be set

8.         Detachable microphone withindicator



1.         Conform to IEC914, CE &RoHS etc

2.         Wireless Frequency: 2.4GHz

3.         Speaker: 2 Watts

4.         Headphone / recording interface:f3.5mm

5.         Charging / Connection: DB9PIN

6.         Battery Capacity: 1600mAh

7.         Time: 20 Hours

8.         Microphone: SH68A

9.         Colors: Black

10.     Dimension: 168mm X 128mm X 55 /25mm (Exclude gooseneck microphone)