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WTU9050 Wireless Conference Console



Mode of Installation:

Mobile or Install in Rack


1.      1 Unit of RS232 Port for ConnectingComputer

2.     1 Unit of Extension Port (RS232 Controls Signal, Amplify Sound & SupplyPower for 5 Units of Microphone

3.     RCA Port for Recording

4.     Potentiometer for Adjusting Sound and PA OUT

5.     Automatic Speech Mode

6.     Chairman Channel, 1 - 3 Delegate Gates for Recording and Amplifying Sound

7.     Receiving and Transmitting Antennas

WTU9050 Wireless Conference Console Descriptions

WMIC is installed and used easily with superior performance. No cable is requiredfor microphone units with built-in antennas. This design makes installationconveniently and fits for complex situation. It is able to control all features of conference and voting (optional), Participants can communicate through microphones and headphones. Sound is innocent, voting responses quickly and accurately. 

The system is suitable for all kinds of small, medium-sized conference. International Exchange Centers, National Public Congress, Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, training, multi-functional halls, hotels,governments, enterprise and schools, etc. Conference management / voting and other mode settings can be managed by software. Screen back ground, seat allocation and information can be edited.

Multi-purposeRS-232 port (DB9) provides effective protection for intelligent control andmanagement. Parameters of conference management controller can be controlled and modified via a computer. Centralized control system can manage conference orderly.Automatic tracking is available via centralized camera management system

1.         Conform to IEC914, CE & RoHS etc

2.         Antenna: 2.4GHz x 6

3.         Speaking Modes 1, 2, 3 and AUTO3

4.         Recording Output: RCA × 2

5.         FOH output: F6.3 × 1

6.         Independent Channel Sound Output: F6.3 × 4

7.         Extension Ports: 1 (Including Control, Audio Extension andChargers for five microphones)

8.         Output Impedance: 680Ω

9.         Frequency Response: 30-20KHz

10.      SNR: 102dB

11.      Dynamic Range:106dB

12.      Distortion:<0.05

13.      Port: RS-232

14.      AppearanceBlack

15.      Dimension: 242mmx 228mm x 56mm

16.      Weight: 2.0 kg(Including Antennas)