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This voting system is latest version of products with high Performance and reasonable price. It is luxurious and refined products. Moreover it is working under 2.4GHz with license free and using FHSS technology, which make the system be able to work in long distance. Even the system is performed under harsh environment; stability and security of connection are guaranteed.

 Secured communication protocol is formed between voting units and consoles. Comprehensive errors checking can identify all radio frequency communication in order to keep high security and accuracy. Other radio frequency devices like WLANs, PDAs and phones, etc can be operated together reliably. 2-way communication and patented response verification protocol are used to producing products in order to provide high security signal. When voting units emit messages to console, they would be identified automatically and confirmation signals are received from the console. That makes the voting units and consoles operate reliably without interruption and ensure transmission accurately.

 The system supports up to 18,000 wireless voting units, each console support 250 voting units. Speed of transmission period of the console bases on size of group. For example a group of 50 users require 0.5 seconds to finish voting, while a group of 3750 users require 2.5 seconds only. The system can be applied to investigation, voting, group decision making, marketing research and teaching, etc.